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ASP.NET Asynchronous file upload using jquery

  Author : Shailendra Chauhan
Posted On : 29 May 2012
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Updated On : 23 Nov 2016

In ajax, we have AsyncFileUpload control for uploading files asynchronously. If you are using JQuery with in your application, then using microsoft ajax AsyncFileUpload control is not a good practice to upload files asynchronously. Form Last couples of days I was trying to upload and delete files asynchronously using JQuery in Asp.Net and finally I was able to upload and delete files asynchronously. Here I am sharing my asynchronous file upload code. For getting file size before upload refer the article Get file size before upload using jquery.

In order to get the things going well, you’ll need the following :-

  1. JQuery 1.4 or above. You can download it form here

  2. JQuery File Upload plugin You can download it form here

Simple File Upload Control

When you will run this code, you will find the below screen for uploading the files. This is a simple file upload control with browse button.

Change style of browse button

To achieve this, I am uisng css to change the default style of file upload control. Basically I put the file upload control in a wrapper and this wrapper will be shown to the user in-place of file upload control as shown below:

Now you can upload file to the server on single click after browsing the file. For uploded file you can also provide the description. By default it is showing the file name. You can change this description as you wish.

Every time when you will come on this page a new folder will be created and yours uploaded files will be saved in this newly created folder.

Check file extension to be upload

In this demo, I am also checking the file extension to be upload. You can define your own extension of file to be upload. If you try to upload the file that is not present in extensions list it will show the below error message.

View/Download file from Server

You can view or download the uploaded file from the server. When you will click the view link then you will see the below option in IE for save and open file from the server.

Delete file from Server

When you will click on the delete link , it will ask for confirmation. If you click ok, then it will delete the file. Screen shots for the file deleting process are shown as -


In this article I try to explain the file upload in using jquery with example. I hope you will refer this article and code to solve your problem of file upload. I would like to have feedback from my blog readers. Please post your feedback, question, or comments about this article. You can download demo project from below link.


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