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Different Types of JIT Complier

  Author : Shailendra Chauhan
Posted On : 18 Oct 2013
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Updated On : 26 Sep 2016

JIT stands for just-in-time compiler. It converts the MSIL code to CPU native code as it is needed during code execution. It is called just-in-time since it converts the MSIL code to CPU native code; when it is required within code execution otherwise it will not do nothing with that MSIL code.

Different Types of JIT

  1. Normal JIT

    This complies only those methods that are called at runtime. These methods are compiled only first time when they are called, and then they are stored in memory cache. This memory cache is commonly called as JITTED. When the same methods are called again, the complied code from cache is used for execution.

    normal jiit
  2. Econo JIT

    This complies only those methods that are called at runtime and removes them from memory after execution.

    econo jiit
  3. Pre JIT

    This complies entire MSIL code into native code in a single compilation cycle. This is done at the time of deployment of the application.

    pre jiit
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