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Visual Studio Tutorial - For Beginners & Professionals

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Author : Shailendra Chauhan
updated on 06 Jul 2017

It's a great news for Visual Studio lovers that they can do Node.js development with their favorite IDE. This can be possible with the help of open-source plug-in NTVS supported by Microsoft and the community. NTVS is constantly working to improve the Node.js experience in Visual Studio.



Author : Shailendra Chauhan
updated on 24 Jun 2014

Microsoft Visual Studio Express products are powerful and reliable free development IDE that provide a free development environment to develop applications for the latest platforms. The Express edition is free and ideal for learning, developing, powering desktop, web & small server applications.



Author : Shailendra Chauhan
updated on 24 Sep 2016

Playing with keyboard shortcuts is very interesting and reduce the head-ache of using mouse again and again while programming with visual studio IDE. Actually, keyboard shortcuts also enhance your productivity and make your programming life easy and convenient. So, I decided to share a list of top 10 visual studio keyboard shortcuts that's are amazing and very helpful.



Author : Shailendra Chauhan
updated on 24 Sep 2016

When we want to deploy our web application to live/local server, then we have two options for making built – Release mode and Debug mode. Both the modes have own importance and characteristics. The details about Release mode and Debug mode are as:



Author : Shailendra Chauhan
updated on 23 Sep 2016

Shortcut keys play an important role to increase the output. Developers work at least 6 to 8 hours on daily basis on Visual Studio. If the developer knows the shortcut keys, he can keep away from using of mouse and absolutely it will enhance productivity and reduce headache to use of mouse again and again. I am sharing some interesting and useful shortcut keys to work with Visual Studio.



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