MongoDB Interview Questions and Answers Book

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This book covers useful Interview Questions and Answers on MongoDB. This book is appropriate for novice as well as for senior level professionals who want to strengthen their skills before appearing for an interview on MongoDB. This book is equally helpful to sharpen their programming skills and understanding MongoDB in a short time. This book is updated to the latest version of MongoDB version 4.0.

About the Book

This book is for those who want to learn MongoDB and also for those who are going to appear for the MongoDB interview to have a bright future in No SQL Database:

  1. MongoDB features
  2. Mongo DB Core concepts
  3. Mongo Shell
  4. Various Query Syntaxes
  5. Query Operators
  6. Database Operations
  7. MongoDB Indexes
  8. Aggregation
  9. Database Replication
  10. Sharding

Table of Content

  1. MongoDB Introduction
  2. Database Operations
  3. Index
  4. Aggregation
  5. Replication
  6. Sharding

Release History

  1. Initial Release: 1.0 18th Dec 2018
  2. Second Release: 1.1 4th Jan 2019

Important Information

You can download this ebook in PDF format. The book subscription is valid only for 365 days. In this duration any update to the ebook content you will get at free of cost. After expiry date, you need to purchase it again to get updated PDF of the ebook.

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Debasis Saha Angular, MongoDB, SQL Server, MVC, ASP.NET

He is an ASP.Net, MVC and Angular Technical Manager with 10 years of experience. He always been a great fan of Microsoft Technologies and loves working on them. He has expertise in Asp.Net, MVC, SQL Server, MongoDB, Angular JS, and Angular. He loves to write articles about these technologies.

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