TypeScript Training Book

By : Shailendra Chauhan and Kanishk Puri, 18 Jan 2017
Updated On : June 16, 2017

TypeScript Training book aims to help you to learn Typescript and ES6 so that you can use TypeScript for developing JavaScript based application with the help of Angular2, Nativescript and Ionic2. In this book, each topic has been explained with suitable example.

What You’ll Learn

This book will help you to learn ES6 and TypeScript basic and advance topics like - Types, Statements, Functions, Classes, Interfaces, Generics, Modules and Decorators. This book has been written by referring to TypeScript official website at www.typescriptlang.org.

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Hope you will enjoy this book and find it valuable for yourself. The authors are truly delighted about this if you will share this book among others because he wants it to reach as many techy people as possible.

Release History

  1. Initial Release:- 1.0.0 18th Jan 2017

How to download this book?

You can download this book in PDF format by clicking on the following Download Book button.

What do you think?

We hope you will enjoy this book and find helpful to learn TypeScript. We would like to have your valuable feedback, question, or comments about this book.

Prabhu Reply 57 days 5 hours 50 mins ago

Plz provide  angular 2 notes guru

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Raju Arge Reply 176 days 2 hours 13 mins ago

thank you so much

Md Danish Reply 208 days 43 mins ago

Thanks a lot dear.

Asif Iqbal Khan Reply 212 days 11 hours 34 mins ago

thanks a lot

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thank sir good book

Humayun Kabir Mamun Reply 334 days 14 hours ago

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Shailendra Chauhan
Author, Architect, Corporate Trainer and Microsoft MVP

Kanishk Puri
Full Stack Developer and Mobile Developer

He is a Full Stack Developer working on wide set of web Technologies for more than 6 years. He has vast experience on C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, Node.js, No SQL Database, Angular, Angular2 and Hybrid App, and a few more technologies.

He worked on architecture and frameworks in various projects as per Industry Standard Design/ Architectural Patterns. He spends most of my time in designing better applications by implementing following design patterns - MVVM, MVC, MEF.

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