Campus Training

Dot Net Tricks offers project-based trainings programs for students to begin their professional career. The training will be conducted at your campus by our expert mentors. Customization of courseware and flexibility in schedule are add-on features for the smooth transition of campus training; without creating any hassle in the pre-determined academic calendar.

Theory in Practice

Our mentors help the students to build an association between theoretical concepts and their actual implementation in live scenarios. Practical exposure facilitates the students acquiring job skills, gaining proficiency in problem solving, and becoming industry-ready.

Job-Oriented Training Programs

The course contents are designed under the strict supervision of industry experts, focusing on the needs of the market.

Expert Mentors from Industry

Leverage getting trained by the well experienced industrial professionals. Get insight of the market scenario and the latest trends.

Project-Based Training

Developing domain based live projects help students to understand how to implement theory to develop real-world application. The effective solution and error-free coding/designing of the real-life problems under the expert mentorship surely builds confidence in the students.

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