Configuring and Managing Storage Services (S3)

AWS S3 is one of the most fundamental services offered by AWS Cloud Platform. AWS S3 is used for storing and retrieving unstructured data in AWS. In this course, you will learn how to create, manage and use Amazon S3 to get the benefits of Amazon S3 service. First, you will learn how to create buckets and upload data to the storage and retrieve them.

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Course Curriculum 6 Lectures     01:16:53

Getting familiar & revisiting concepts Preview   00:11:43
S3 bucket creation & going public Let's Go   00:10:38
Configuring AWSCLI Tool Let's Go   00:13:44
Static Website, Data Life-cycle, Cross-region Replication Let's Go   00:15:17

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Yash Pal Singh

Author, AWS Architect, DevOps Expert

AWS, DevOps

He is an Author, Architect and Lifelong Learner. He has a vast experience in development and cloud technologies like AWS, Ruby, and DevOps. As a Professional, he is passionate about learning the latest technologies & sharing them with others.