Creating and Managing Amazon EC2 Services

Learn and get skilled up on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). Amazon EC2 provides secure and scalable computing on demand and also make cloud computing easier for developers. Learn to create and manage Amazon EC2 to build and deploy your application in the AWS platform.

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Course Curriculum 8 Lectures     01:43:47

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Preview   00:05:23
AWS Other Compute Services Let's Go   00:09:37
EC2 Windows Instance Launch Let's Go   00:27:59
EC2 Linux instance Launch with webserver Let's Go   00:15:43
Launching Of Wordpress Site With AWS Lightsail Let's Go   00:12:42
Web Server Launching Let's Go   00:12:39
Elastic Load Balancer Part-1 Let's Go   00:07:03
Elastic Load Balancer Part-2 Let's Go   00:12:41

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Yash Pal Singh

Author, AWS Architect, DevOps Expert

AWS, DevOps

He is an Author, Architect and Lifelong Learner. He has a vast experience in development and cloud technologies like AWS, Ruby, and DevOps. As a Professional, he is passionate about learning the latest technologies & sharing them with others.