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Amazon Web Services is the largest cloud provider across the world, used by enterprises and startups. This course will give you a solid overview of AWS Cloud and how to get started with AWS to build a cost-effective and scalable infrastructure on the AWS platform.

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Course Curriculum 6 Lectures     01:27:04

Amazon Web Services Preview   00:08:46
AWS Account Creation Lab Let's Go   00:09:50
AWS Management Console Let's Go   00:10:18
AWS-An Opportunity You Don't Want To Miss Let's Go   00:27:49
Securing AWS Account with MFA and meeting Compliance Let's Go   00:16:48
AWS Global Infrastruture Let's Go   00:13:33

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Yash Pal Singh

Author, AWS Architect, DevOps Expert

AWS, DevOps

He is an Author, Architect and Lifelong Learner. He has a vast experience in development and cloud technologies like AWS, Ruby, and DevOps. As a Professional, he is passionate about learning the latest technologies & sharing them with others.