Building MEAN Stack eCommerce Project

Become a MEAN Stack developer by building an end to end web application using MongoDB, Angular, and Node.js. Learn to build APIs with Express, Store, update, and retrieve data with MongoDB. Building user interfaces with Angular Material. Implement security using JSON web token and by using the latest features of ES6/7 and TypeScript.

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Course Curriculum 56 Lectures     08:55:43

Adding Config Files Let's Go   00:03:22
Adding Build Task Let's Go   00:05:23
Getting Started with express Let's Go   00:11:10
Adding Controller & Route Let's Go   00:10:12
Adding Post and Put API Let's Go   00:08:21
Adding Mongoose and env Let's Go   00:11:59
Encrypting Password Let's Go   00:11:22
Login and Token Generation Let's Go   00:17:45
Validate Token and update the record Let's Go   00:17:46
Update Profile Let's Go   00:01:09
Code After User API Let's Go   00:00:59
Product Get And GetById Let's Go   00:11:30
Add Product and FIle Upload Let's Go   00:15:26
Get Product By Category Let's Go   00:06:04
Update Product Let's Go   00:05:41
Search Product Let's Go   00:04:59
Creating New App Let's Go   00:07:00
Adding Angular Material Let's Go   00:03:13
Login Integration Let's Go   00:14:50
Role Based Login Let's Go   00:14:29
Secure Access to Admin and User Let's Go   00:20:50
Logout and Interceptor Let's Go   00:11:14
Handle Authentication using Http Interceptor Let's Go   00:12:22
Adding Token to http request Let's Go   00:06:23
Global Error Handler Let's Go   00:19:15
Lazy Loading User and Admin Modules Let's Go   00:14:38
Binding Category Form Let's Go   00:09:23
Add/Remove Controls Let's Go   00:03:01
Save Categories Let's Go   00:10:25
List Categories Let's Go   00:09:55
Category With Material Table Let's Go   00:12:40
Handle Validation Let's Go   00:03:24
Custom Validation Let's Go   00:19:52
Product List and Details Let's Go   00:08:26

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About the Mentor

Santosh Yadav

Corporate Trainer and Mentor

Angular, Ionic, MongoDB, Express

He has total 10 years of experience in building complex applications using various technologies. He likes to explore new technologies and has over 2 years of experience in providing training on MEAN stack. He has vast experience in building the banking applications. 

He is graduated from Mumbai University, working as UI Architect for Deutsche Bank also has worked for one of the successful startups in the past as Team Lead, leading various teams within the organisation. He is highly skilled in Microsoft technologies, UI technologies like Angular. Also has knowledge in creating REST API's using Django Rest Framework, Express and Spring Boot.