6 Months Dot Net Training in Noida

Dot Net Tricks offers project-based 6 months industrial training in noida for BE, B.Tech, MCA students. Dot Net industrial training program covers .NET 4.6, C#, OOPs, ASP.NET, LINQ, SQL Server with live project developmnet.

Our trainers are highly experienced to groom your technical skills. Our training program focused in hands-on exercise so that you can solve the real-time issues; and get confidence to work in industry. This training is project-based where you work on live software application development tasks and issues.

Course Objectives

At the completion of this course, attendees will be able to;

  1. Describe Microsoft .NET Framework Architecture
  2. Understand .NET Framework basic and advanced in-depth concepts
  3. Use visual studio 2015 for running, debugging and testing your C# programs
  4. Use OOPs concepts like abstractions, Inheritance, polymorphism etc. in practical life
  5. Build the logic to develop C# programs
  6. Use classes, objects, properties, partial classes, static classes etc. in practical life
  7. Use C# advanced concepts like collections, generics and delegates
  8. Describe the differences between classes, structures, interfaces, abstract classes etc.
  9. Create web application using ASP.NET
  10. Create database and execute T-SQL commands on SQL Server.
  11. Write Stored Procedures, Triggers etc.
  12. Work on 3-tier architectur.
  13. Scale application for Phone, Tablet, and Laptop & Desktop using Bootstrap
  14. Secure application based on user roles
  15. Publish your App on IIS
  16. Learn Tips to attend an interview and how to crack your interview

Work with Industry Experts

Training at Dot Net Tricks brings students directly in touch with industry experts; from them students will learn the industry best practices. The .NET training program open a wide array of choices for learners in the field of .NET.

Job-Placement Assistance

On successful completion of the training program, we also provide job-placement assistance to the students.

Dot Net Tricks is one of the best .NET 6 months industrial training Institute in Noida where learners get the healthy learning enevironment with placement assistance. .NET industrial training program is specifically designed for students, freshers and beginners who want to make a bright career in .NET and want to get job in top MNCs.

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