ASP.NET Core Best Practices

Shailendra Chauhan
21 Aug 2022
👉 ASP.NET Core Best Practices for Code
✅ Architecture and Project Organization
✅ Environment Based Settings
✅ Handle Errors Globally
✅ Routing For REST APIs
✅ Error Logging
👉 ASP.NET Core Best Practices for Security
✅ Security Using JWT and ASP.NET Core Identity
✅ Prevent Cross-Site Scripting
✅ Prevent SQL Injection Attack
✅ Prevent Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
✅ Hide the Version Information
✅ Enforce SSL and use HSTS
✅ Secure Your Cookies
👉 ASP.NET Core Best Practices for Performance
✅ Avoid blocking calls
✅ Bundle Your JS and CSS Files
✅ Use CDN to Serve Content
✅ Use Caching
✅ Response Compression
✅ HTML Minification

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