Why you need ASP.NET Core in your tech stack?

01 Feb 2023

Why you need ASP.NET Core in your tech stack

What is .NET Core?

ASP.NET Core is an open source modular framework that is used for building advanced cloud-based applications. It is a version of ASP.NET compatible for Windows, Mac and Linux.


ASP.NET Core allows developing dynamic websites and applications using the .NET framework. ASP or Application Server Pages are provided by Microsoft to develop robust apps.

Data-driven and interactive web applications can be rendered using ASP.NET. .NET Core is an open source version of ASP.NET, which brings the benefits of functionality across operating systems, in addition to Windows.

Faster than Java & Node.js

Performance is a key factor differentiating .NET Core from its contemporaries. It uses AOT(ahead of time) deployment and compilation of assets, making it faster than Node.js. With fewer implementation dependencies, .NET Core employs elements that can be re-used iteratively making it speedier and less-memory heavy than Java.

Why .NET Core?


Unlike ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core is a free and open source web development framework. This makes thousands of contributions available over GitHub for building versatile mobile, web and iOS apps.


ASP .NET Core uses .NET Core in addition to .NET technology for building applications. It enhances application performance and functional versatility enabling the faster development of robust apps.

Dynamic and Scalable

APS.NET Core allows creating web forms, web APIs, MVC and web pages. It allows dynamic use and development with different versions on the same system. Thus, for developers already working in the .NET environment, scalability becomes streamlined.

Multi-Platform Support

Developing apps across Windows, macOS, Linux and Docker as compared to Windows only applications is the OS environment extension that ASP.NET Core offers. You can build using tools and extensions that are compatible across platforms.

Versatile Deployment

With modern deployment workflows and versatile hosting options deployment for your web app becomes flexible and versatile. It offers a lightweight, high performance HTTP request pipeline and tooling to simplify web development.

Support and Community

Being open source and multi-platform compatible, ASP.NET Core can be used to build apps with your own source code or existing versions of code built for other platforms. With collaborators and community users across app niches developing comes with technical and community support.

Level Up for Developers

ASP.NET Core offers a no-compile developer experience and in-built support for dependency injection patterns. Easy to implement and versatile with its functionality, ASP.NET Core is a cloud-ready framework that can help boost your professional aspirations by simplifying modern web development.

Become a top-notch developer

Understanding the complete .NET framework opens many doors for you to work as a top-notch developer. To work with the best in the game you need to deliver with speed and versatility.

Developing solutions that are scalable and extending fixes to existing poor code becomes crucial in many situations. ASP.NET Core is a tool that can make these skills readily available for you as a developer to navigate the best solutions for your project.

● Building Food Apps

● EdTech Websites and Applications

● Shopping Interfaces

● Online Booking Websites

, and other real projects with .NET Core.

Expand Career prospects with ASP.NET Core

With its layered benefits ASP.NET Core is high in demand as the go-to framework for development. It’s no surprise that .NET Core developers are being increasingly preferred in the industry. In the current scenario, a full stack .NET Core developer is looking at over 100% pay hikes and diverse career prospects.

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