Why C is called middle level language?

Girdhar Gopal Singh  Print   1 min read  
27 Oct 2012
03 Apr 2019

C is called middle-level language because it actually binds the gap between a machine level language and high-level languages. A user can use c language to do System Programming (for writing operating system) as well as Application Programming (for generating menu driven customer billing system ). That's why it is called the middle-level language.

High level - Ada, Modula-2, Pascal, COBOL, FORTRAN, BASIC

Middle level - Java, C++, C, FORTH, Macro-assemble

Low level - Assembler

Key points about the terminology used in this article

  1. Low, high, blah-level is all just vague terminology with no deterministic factor behind it. Traditionally, low-level languages refer to machine code and assembly, and high-level refers to everything else. Now we are also using a "very high level" term which is used for scripting languages (anything interpreted rather than compiled).

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I hope, now you have a better understanding of middle, high and low-level languages. Comments and suggestions regarding this article are welcome.

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