Top 5 React Developer tools for Software Development

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29 Aug 2022


React JS is a JavaScript library extensively utilized for front-end web app developments. This library contains a collection of tools and libraries that increase your productivity during web development. In React training, the importance of React developer tools is immense. These tools help you learn the fundamentals of ReactJS more effectively and easily.

These tools present ample options to choose the best one pertinent to your task. Multiple approaches are available to solve an issue in React development. This is why you must be familiar with which is the best tool for React development. The knowledge on the important React developer tools and which one you should choose is provided in the React training. When you undergo your React js Certification, you can become a master web developer if you learn the appropriate React developer tools. So, let’s get to know the React developer tools you must be aware of in React training. Before that, let’s understand the proper meaning and importance of these tools:

What are React Developer Tools?

They are a series of frameworks, libraries, and extensions designed to streamline React development. The developers make use of code generators, testing utilities, debugging extensions, and a few other React tools for creating more robust and more stable code. During that, they also save development time simultaneously. Several React developer tools function as extensions on browsers like Firefox or Chrome.

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Need for React Developer Tools:

The purpose of joining ReactJS training is to better learn all the fundamental and useful aspects of ReactJS. If you don’t have enough knowledge of some of the important React Developer tools, your training can be called incomplete. The software developers who aspire to better code and accomplish the development process faster need such React tools. The same applies to full-stack developers as well. 

Many training courses designed for ReactJS incorporate the fundamentals of some of the React Developer Tools in their React tutorial. The corresponding react learning path highlights the details of each of these important tools along with their practicality. Not just to achieve a certificate, but the knowledge of these tools aid you to secure a better job role in the future.

The following points further highlight the importance of these tools: 

You can analyze and debug your application more conveniently.

The installation of these tools on your browser is quite easy. Thus, you have access to the powerful resources in easy reach whenever you want.

These tools are valuable components of any developer’s toolkit. This is because they allow them to see how changing a component influences the remaining components.

During the software testing phase, these tools prove beneficial since they can detect the problem and allow developers to resolve them before the concluding testing. 

Now let’s go through the details of some of the important React Developer Tools you should know:

1. Create React App:

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It is a single command-line tool designed by Facebook. It assists the developers to quicken the setup of an environment for the latest React projects. This tool provides a frontend build pipeline and organizes the developer’s environment. Moreover, it optimizes the application for successive production phases. As a result, developers can save time for other configuration tasks.

2. Reactide:

Reactide is known to be the foremost React IDE for web application development. Essentially, it is a cross-platform desktop application that allows instant opening of a single React JSX file to set up the React project within the browser. The tool comprises a custom browser simulator as well as an integrated Node Server which removes the dependency on server configuration and built-in tools. 

Apart from the main features described above, Reactide also provides visual editing support through its live demonstration of the project architecture. Obtaining feedback from the browser simulation turns simpler due to plenty of GUI controls. Another great feature is it provides a compatible terminal for the commands and workflows. Some other features are component visualization, hot module reloading, and streamlined configuration

3. Storybook:

Storybook is intended to enhance the user interfaces (UI). The software developers can use it to create, develop, and examine UI components. It serves you with a development environment as well as a UI component platform. Moreover, it let the developers make the most from the component development environment and allows quick testing and displaying them. 

In Storybook, the secluded development of components offers the reusability of code regardless of any applications. In your React training, it is great if you learn Storybook as you can better know how to develop and test UI components.

4. React Developer Tools for Firefox and Chrome:*6BpUtdeVHWbpOg6hvdD9cg.jpeg

This tool is recognized as an inbuilt React Developer tool that can be added as an extension to your web browser. After you add this extension, it is easy to directly access every React tool within the developer tools of Chrome or Firefox browser. When you prepare for React Interview Questions and Answers, you may be asked a question on React Developer Tools for Firefox and Chrome. This is because this tool is one of the vital ones in the React web development process. 

Alternatively, React Developer Tools is an open-source type React JS library allowing you to analyze a React tree containing component hierarchy, props, state, and more. Also, you can examine how one component affects the remaining ones. It is possible to debug your components with this browser extension. There is the inclusion of full support for react hooks that motivate you to utilize React features without making a class. Furthermore, its filter system makes it easier to deeply browse the nested hierarchies.

Some of its extraordinary features include debugging performance with the profiler, interaction tracking, and options to interrelate in the console.

5. Evergreen:

It is vital to meet the changing design needs. When you plan to Learn Reactjs Step By Step, it is expected that you learn this aspect well.  The evergreen tool is a perfect choice for the same. It is an open-source JavaScript framework that enables creating systems that foresee new and changing design requirements.  It works uniquely through its latest React components and provides comprehensive control when needed.

Components within the Evergreen React are built with improvement on the React User Interface Primitive. Furthermore, it presents a UI design language for web applications. You gain access to a wide collection of ready-to-use components and there is a scope for customization. The implementation is easy, documentation is great, the user interface is appealing, and it is compostable.

6. React cosmos:

The React cosmos dev tool provides the complete solution for building reusable/sharable components pretty effectively. React Cosmos is crafted for enhancing all the small or big components in react development. It scans the set of components and allows us to render components with any compose of the context, state, and props.

It enables us to view how applications perform in real-time scenarios when connecting with live instances and with the surface dependencies, React cosmos enhances the component design periodically. It demands us to define our custom component inputs and results in easier debugging and predictable UIs effectively.

7. Bit:

A bit is an open-source tool on GitHub with over 14.7k (By the time writing this guide) stars which is commendable. This tool is a great option for creating different React components and then sharing them around the globe. It allows us to build our React application as a collection of independent components or you can say reusable/sharable components which combinedly create any whole page layout.

Using the bit tool, we also have access to their third-party store, from where can search and download components created by various contributors and render them to fit your layout requirement (provided that it fits as per our element configuration needs). that is the reason why it is handy because we don’t have to create the same element again and again from scratch while working with React application.

Concluding Note:

React application development seems easy to be developed while using the above tools based on the various layout and functional requirements combined with the custom business concerns, but we need to craft it accordingly based on our ideas and the support of the features of given tolls.

These are some of the significant React Developer tools you should be familiar with. They help you better accomplish the development process and also save you time.

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