Get field name, data type and size of database table

Shailendra Chauhan  Print   1 min read  
31 Aug 2012
24 Sep 2016

One student of me asked "how can we get fields name of a table with theirs type and size ?". In this article I am going to expose, how can we achieve this in SQL Server.

Query to get field name with datatype and size

 SELECT column_name as 'Column Name', data_type as 'Data Type',
character_maximum_length as 'Max Length'
FROM information_schema.columns
WHERE table_name = 'tblUsers' 

In this article, I explain how can you get fields of a database table. I hope after reading this article you will be able to do this. I would like to have feedback from my blog readers. Please post your feedback, question, or comments about this article.

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