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Posted On : 10 Feb 2015
Updated On : 10 Feb 2015
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AngularJS templates refer to view which contain HTML elements enriched by Angular elements like directive and attributes. Templates are used to display the information from the model and controller that a user sees in his browser. An angular templates can have Directive, HTML markup, CSS, Filters, Expressions and Form controls.

A simple Angular Template

<html ng-app>
<body ng-controller="MyController">
 <input ng-model="name" value="">
 Input Value is : {{name}}
 <button ng-click="changeValue()">Click me!</button>
 <script src="angular.js">

Types of Templates

  1. Static Templates

    A static template is defined by using script tag. It must has an id attribute with a unique value and a type attribute with value text/ng-template. Also, a static template must be inside the scope of the ng-app directive otherwise it will be ignored by Angular.

     <script type="text/ng-template" id="person.html">
     {{}} : {{person.address}}

    A static template can be rendered by using ng-include directive.

    <div ng-include="'person.html'"></div> 

    Example of Static Template

    JS Bin
  2. Dynamic Templates

    A dynamic template is an html page which is compiled and rendered by Angular on demand. The above static template can be created as a HTML page within templates folder of your app like as:


    {{}} : {{person.address}}

    A dynamic template can be rendered by using ng-include directive.

    <div ng-include="'templates/person.html'"></div>

    Example of Dynamic Template

    AngularJS Dynamic Templates


Always put the single quotes around the name of template with ng-include directive, since it accept an expression. Hence to indicate to Angular that template (person.html) is a string value you have to put single quotes around it's name.

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