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Posted On : 03 Mar 2017
Updated On : 03 Mar 2017
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Typescript 1.0 was released on 1st Oct, 2012 by Microsoft as a free and open source programming language for JavaScript based enterprise application development. At the time of writing this book, the latest version of TypeScript was 2.0.


If you or your team come from a strongly typed language like C#, Java and Php then you don’t need to learn JavaScript syntax and style to develop your JavaScript application; TypeScript is a good alternative. Since it will give you the feel of object-oriented programming language.

Advantages of TypeScript

  1. Simplify JavaScript code which is easier to read and debug.

  2. Provides Type Safety at compile time.

  3. Unlike JavaScript, it supports classes, Interfaces etc.

  4. Supports latest standard and evolving features of JavaScript including ES5 and ES6.

  5. Supports modularity.

  6. Open source.

TypeScript based JavaScript Frameworks

TypeScript is used by the many popular JavaScript Framework for developing desktop applications, web applications as well as hybrid and native mobile apps. Some of the frameworks are shown in the fig.

TypeScript based JavaScript Frameworks

Tools And IDE

TypeScript provides highly-productive development tools for JavaScript IDE like WebStrom, Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, Atom, Brackets, Sublime, Eclipse, Vim etc. These tools support static type checking and code refactoring while developing your JavaScript applications using TypeScript.

TypeScript Tools And IDE
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