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22 Nov 2023
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The World Wide Web has been around for decades. The field is still interesting to explore as new technologies are being employed regularly. If you own the required skill set and are determined to keep yourself updated, you can outshine as a web developer. It is vital to keep in mind that a web developer’s salary is directly or indirectly reliant on how updated you are when it comes to the world wide web’s trends and technologies. Before getting deep into the salary figures, let’s know what it means by web development and who a web developer is:

Web Development:

Web development is the non-design elements that developers implement to develop a website. It entails writing both coding and markup. Huge organizations implement Agile Technologies to deal with hundreds of web developers who are working to convey the anticipated output.

Web Developer:

A web developer is accountable for the programming as well as coding of web-based services and websites which run at the back end. There are 3 types of web developers namely full-stack developers, back-end developers, and front-end developers. The front-end developers focus on user interface and experience whereas back-end developers work with the servers. A web developer needs to Learn web development Step by Step to gain enough expertise.

Salary of a web developer:

A long list of processes prevails that is related to the development of any successful website. Various processes in web development are design, implementation, development, testing, and deployment. Each of these processes entails various people with varied skill sets and knowledge.

The average salary of a web developer is INR 3,08,040/year. This salary figure can differ based on factors like experience level, skills, location, employer, etc.

Key factors influencing web developer salary in India:

The 4 key factors are:

  • Skills 
  • Experience 
  • Company profile
  • Location 

1. Skills:

Being a web developer, you should possess an extraordinary set of skills to obtain the best-paying jobs. This is because the market for web developers is highly competitive. Certain skills guarantee a higher paycheque. These include web development, HTML5, CSS, PHP, and Javascript. By following the web development tutorial, a web developer can improve his/her skills to excel in their career. It is a good idea to pursue a web development course in Hyderabad to attain all the required skills that the company demands.

Web developer salary based on job roles:

Front end developer:

In this modern world, a dynamic and interactive web page is a key necessity. A front-end developer is responsible for demonstrating and hiding the appropriate elements at the right time. Because every website requires a qualified front-end developer, the job opportunities are always ample. The average salary of a front-end web developer in India is INR 4, 87,140/year. The skills a front-end web developer should have are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and MaterializeCSS.

Back end developer:

The content that users see is developed by front-end developers. When the user sees is determined by back-end developers. A back-end developer is responsible for writing code for the server, data handling, rendering of web pages, and handling user queries. The average salary of a back-end web developer in India is approx. INR 3,66,300/year. This figure entails bonus and profit-sharing. 

If you are a beginner back-end developer who just finished your education, you can earn around INR 3 lacs/year. A back-end developer holding 1-4 years of experience earns average compensation of INR 3,80,000/year.

Knowing the salary figure is not enough, the skills required are also important to know. A back-end developer should know various programming languages to write the code. The same include JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, and more. Knowledge of frameworks like Node.js for JavaScript, Django for Python, or Larval for PHP can be beneficial. It is important to know about various databases like MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, etc.

Full-stack developer:

A full-stack developer functions on the front-end as well as the back-end of a website. A full-stack developer is an expert in all fields and domains covered by the front-end and back-end developers. A full-stack developer holds higher chances of getting recruited by a leading brand, with a higher salary.

The average salary of a full-stack developer is INR 5,89,500/year. A fresh graduate appointed as a full-stack developer earns an average salary of INR 3,75,000/year in India. 

If a full stack developer holds 1-4 years of experience, he/she can earn an average salary of INR 5,53,006/year. On the other hand, a full stack developer with 5-9 years of experience can get the salary of INR 12-14 lac. 

2. Experience:

The number of years of experience is directly proportional to the salary package. A beginner web developer may need to compromise with the salary figure until he/she attains enough experience and skills. The average salary of an entry-level web developer is INR 2,32,000/year in India. A mid-level web developer earns an average salary of INR 5,89,000/year in India. The experienced web developers earn around INR 10,06,400/year in India. It is advantageous to go through web development interview Questions answer so that the web developer can thoroughly prepare himself/herself for the interview.

3. Company profile:

Another factor on which the salary figure of a web developer is directly proportional is how big the brand is. The higher the brand, the more salary it can offer. Amazon is one of the biggest names in the world. A web developer in India can get a salary of INR 14, 25,000/year in India. The second highest paying company for web developers in India is Directi; it offers an average salary of INR 6,78,000/year. The third highest paying company for web developers in India is Accenture; it provides an average salary of INR 4,76,400/year. It is better to undergo proper web developer training so that a recruiter can ascertain your skills as a skilled web developer.

4. Location:

Currently, Hyderabad provides the highest salaries to web developers. The web developers in this city earn approx. 27% higher than their competitors in other cities. This comparison is carried out against the national average. Bangalore is the second-highest salary offering city. It provides a 25% higher salary than the national average.

Responsibilities of Web Developers: 

  • Connecting landing page to different databases and tables
  • The proper way to comprehend the number of people who have visited your website 
  • Connecting the website to a payment gateway (for an e-commerce platform)
  • Optimizing the page for viewing on mobile
  • Server hosting and handling network connectivity issues
  • Communicating to clients over the phone or meeting to comprehend their requirements
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