Learn. Discuss. Empower.

Learn and discuss real Dev case studies to crack your interview
and get 6 weeks of hand-holding support.

Professional Empowerment

6 Weeks Hand Holding Support

Get six weeks hand holding support to discuss and get solution of your personal and technical challenges in your career.

Get Trained on Technologies

Get hands-on training on the set of technologies like Azure, ASP.NET MVC, Angular, React, Node etc. in which you want to make career.

Personal Skills Development

Learn how to make your good technical profile (CV/Resume) and get tips to answers tough interview questions related to your personal life.

Project Handling Skills

Learn industry grade project handling and managing principles and practices to crack your manager round interview.

Discuss Real Dev Case Studies

Discuss real dev case studies with like minded working professionals and industry expert to architect your next application.

Interview Q&A Discussion

Discuss technical round interview Q&A, manger round interview Q&A, HR round interview Q&A and face your next interview with confidence.

We've trained thousands of developers at some of the world's largest tech companies, including:

How It Works

Profile Sharing

Share your technical profile along with a message like in which technology you want to make a career.

1:1 Meeting/call

Upon receiving your profile a 1:1 meeting/call will be scheduled with our consultant and evaluation phase date and time will be decided.

Evaluation Phase

A technical interview/discussion will be held by our industry expert to check your technical skills.

Choose Learning Path

Based upon your evaluation phase discussion, your learning path will be decided and dicussed with you.

Enroll Yourself

Enroll into the program to get trained and multiply your salary. Get 6 months hand-holding support.