About the Program

Dot Net Tricks believes that accessing affordable and convenient eLearning options for upskilling is the smartest way to beat the high costs associated with traditional learning resulting in eventual massive college dropout rates.

To make things easier for meritorious students and their families, Dot Net Tricks has decided to award up to 32,000 INR / 500 USD annually in scholarships to students signing up for its courses.

The majority of the scholarships are partial-course fee awards. A limited number of full-course fee awards to are also given to highly motivated students.

By signing up with Dot Net Tricks, you will have access to an expertly curated curriculum, industry professionals as mentors, free job assistance, 24 x 7 coding support, and 365 days access to the eLearning platform.

Eligibility For Scholarship

We recognize ingenuity and provide financial aid to undergraduates (B.Tech, BCA, BSc(IT)), and postgraduates (M.Tech, MCA, MSc(IT)) around the world.

Terms & Conditions

  1. This scholarship is open to only for undergraduates (B.Tech, BCA, BSc(IT)), and postgraduates (M.Tech, MCA, MSc(IT)) around the world.
  2. Applicants must possess a relieving letter that is dated 60 days or less at the time of applying for the scholarship.
  3. All applicants will be subject to a background verification.
  4. Limited number of merit-based scholarships available.
  5. We understand that information shared by you is quite sensitive.
  6. We will ensure that your data is stored securely and not shared with any third party or company.
  7. Last date to apply: April 30th, 2019.

For more information, e-mail us at: enquiry@dotnettricks.com, or call +91 114 013 1100


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