Communication Skills For Developers

Communication is the key ingredient to software development. Good communication means great relationships, and it all starts with mastering these skills.

Communication Skills for Success

Effective Communication Skills is the master key to your success in today’s competitive and demanding professional world. Good Communication Skills helps you develop rapport with clients, crack interviews, write effective emails, lead teams effectively and climb ladder fast.

  1. Learn to communicate with greater confidence.
  2. Discover how to analyze body language and exhibit confident image in front of people.
  3. Be an effective communicator and write effective emails that yields results.
  4. Understand Common mistakes in day-to-day communication while communicating in English.
  5. Tips to improve English Speaking Confidence.
  6. Learn interview skills and understand how to answer commonly asked question in an interview.

Body Language and Communication Skills

Make good impression first time and every time you meet people
Learn various aspects – Posture, Gesture, Handshake, Smile, Attire, Eye Contact.
7Cs of Communication
Various Exercises throughout the sessions to improve your confidence of speaking
Discussing Common Communication Errors while communicating in English
Tips to improve Spoken English

Email Etiquette and Interview Skills

Structure of an email
Dos and Don’ts of Email Writing
Guidelines for Effective Email Communication
Learn techniques to reduce nervousness before an interview
Know how to answer commonly asked questions in an interview
Tips for Writing Effective Resume
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Communication For Developers Fee

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How it Works..

Understand the solutions and concepts much faster with live sessions and video explanations. Join to our experts who will make you more structured and confident to communicate in corprates and interview.

  • Weekend live communication sessions.
  • Each session is online and duration is 2 hours.
  • If you miss one, you can watch the session recording.


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Mousami Nilakhe (Soft Skills and Life Skills Corporate Trainer)

Interview skills, Business English, Soft skills

A Soft Skills and Life Skills Corporate Trainer, Personal Coach and NLP Practitioner. She is certified NLP Master Practitioner and Coach. She caters to training and coaching needs of Corporates, Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Students. She worked long term in USA and worked with UK customers with high degree of mission success.

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