JavaScript Essentials

Learn JavaScript from scratch to advanced including the latest features of ECMAScript 6 (aka ES6). ES6 makes the JavaScript modern, powerful and fix so many problems with the earlier JavaScript versions. This course focus on simplicity and readability, and an efficient way to find out when and how you use ES6 new features.

Why JavaScript?

The most popular programming language created by Netscape, to build cross-platform desktop, web and mobile apps.
A complete in-depth training covering modern JavaScript (aka ES6) concepts using industry best practices and design principles.
The most popular JS libraries/frameworks like jQuery, React, Vue, AngularJS etc. are based on JavaScript.
An Average salary of a JavaScript Developer is $72,500 (based on Glassdoor salary data).

What You Will Learn

At the completion of this course, attendees will be able to;

  1. Understand modern JavaScript and the latest ECMAScript (ES6/ES7/ES8)
  2. Use the var, let and const keywords
  3. Understand JavaScript scoping and hoisting
  4. Work with type conversion
  5. Use operators, conditional statements, loops and jump statements
  6. Work with numbers, expressions, date object
  7. Handle exception using try..catch
  8. Create and use strings with template strings
  9. Create JavaScript Functions – Named, Anonymous and Arrow Functions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Self Paced course offered by Dot Net Tricks?

Online Self Paced Courses are designed for self-directed training, allowing participants to begin at their convenience with structured training and review exercises to reinforce learning. You'll learn through videos, PPTs, and Assignments designed to enhance learning outcomes, all at times that are most convenient for you.

Q2. How would I get access to the Learning Content?

As soon as you enroll in the course, you will get access to the course content through LMS (The Learning Management System) in the form of a complete set of Videos, PPTs, PDFs, and Assignments. You can start learning right away.

Q3. Who are your mentors?

All our mentors are highly qualified and experience professionals. All have at least 8-10 yrs of development experience in various technologies and are trained by Dot Net Tricks to deliver interactive training to the participants.

Q4. How do I enroll for the course?

You can enroll in the course by doing payment. Payment can be made using any of the following options.

  1. Visa debit/credit card
  2. Net banking
  3. Through PayPal

Q5. Student discounts?

Yes, Dot Net Tricks provides student discount to learners who cannot afford the fee. Email us from your student account, or attach your student ID.

Q6. Can I share my course with someone else?

In short, no. Check our licensing that you agree to by using Dot Net Tricks LMS. We track this stuff, any abuse of copyright is taken seriously. Thanks for your understanding on this one.

Q7. How do I setup my team?

Please drop us an email with a list of user details like name, email you’d like to enroll and have access, we'll create your team accounts.

Q8. Do you provide technology version upgrade session free?

Yes, we do. As the technology upgrades your content gets updated at no cost.

Q9. Whom do I contact, if I have more queries?

You can give us a CALL at +91 113 303 4100 OR email us at

Q10. Do you offer certificates of completion?

We do. Once you've finished a course, reach out to us.

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