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AWS Tutorial - For Beginners & Professionals

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Author : Yash Pal Singh
updated on 26 Apr 2018

AWS is leading the world in cloud space, though there are other big names trying very hard to catching up, AWS is making its own exclusive space in Cloud Computing. The major force behind is the AWS team. AWS team is working on the customer feedback to introduce services/features, having direct relevance to their businesses.



Author : Yash Pal Singh

AWS Regions are spread across the world, they are capable of independent existence when it comes to natural calamities like Earthquake, Flood or Tsunami. A cloud Infrastructure spread over different geographic regions ensures that your business will continue even in the worst possible conditions.



Author : Yash Pal Singh
updated on 09 Apr 2018

This particular piece of writing actually addresses those people concerns, who may or may not be coming out of pure technology background. There could be people who are still trying to figure out which technology they should skill themselves up, someone just told them, “Hey, don’t you aware of, AWS is next big thing, you should learn this, it will give you a very rewarding career”



Author : Yash Pal Singh

I thought to share my experience with you, working as a Solution Architect for a company, so that you can understand what kind of job you are aspiring for. I still remember when I first started working on AWS Platform, I used to think, how much easy and efficient it is, just click of the mouse and you can see awesome things happening in front of your eyes within minutes.



Author : Yash Pal Singh
updated on 12 Mar 2018

If I visualize myself as an employer, how may I arrive at the length and breadth of your knowledge without compromising upon the in-depth understanding of a domain? How do I nurture a belief to let you handle my IT infrastructure which forms a backbone of my business establishment? What are the differentiating variables between you and other candidates running for the same job profile?



Author : Yash Pal Singh
updated on 05 Mar 2018

AWS a subsidiary of Amazon has grown by leaps and bounds since its first service release in 2004. It has taken the entire world with the storm in past few years. It’s a comprehensive, ever-evolving and a robust cloud platform by AMAZON. It offers you all three basic IT services covering IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.