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jQuery Tutorial - For Beginners & Professionals

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Author : Shailendra Chauhan

Sometimes, you required to find a the existence of a small string with in a string. This article will demonstarte, how could you do by using plain JavaScript.



Author : Shailendra Chauhan
updated on 24 Sep 2016

File uploading functionality is generally used by the developers. Before uploading file on the server, to know the size of file is a good practice. By knowing file size, we can restrict the end user to upload large size files on the server since we have limited space on the server. We should check uploaded file size on server side as well client side.



Author : Shailendra Chauhan
updated on 19 Jul 2012

Due to some reasons (like don’t allow to copy Email from Email TextBox to Confirm Email TextBox), we restrict users to copy, paste and cut contents from TextBox by using CTRL+C, CTRL+V and CTRL+X. We can implement this functionality by using below methods.



Author : Shailendra Chauhan
updated on 14 Jul 2012

JQuery is a cross-browser JavaScript library that is developed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML.It was released in january 2006 at BarCamp NYC by John Resig. JQuery is free, easy to use and open source scripting language. JQuery's syntax are easy. Using Jquery we can select DOM elements, create animations, handle different types of events, and develop ajax based applications.