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This Masters Program makes you expert in developing high-performance single page applications. This program will help you to get in-depth knowledge of JavaScript, ES6, React, React Router, Redux, Middleware, and unit testing using a hands-on project based on real-life case studies. The curriculum has been designed by Industry expert, which will help you to crack interview and get 40%-100% salary hike.
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About ReactsJs Certification Training

In this ReactJs course, you will learn each and every topic with the help of hands-on labs. This program includes a hands-on live project with the implementation of recommended design patterns and practices.

ReactsJs Course objectives

At the completion of this course, attendees will be able to;

  1. Describe JavaScript and ES6 concepts like objects, classes, arrow function
  2. Explore React basic and advanced in-depth concepts
  3. Create components, routing and forms validations etc
  4. Explore Redux basic and advanced in-depth concepts
  5. Create REST Services using Web API
  6. Consume REST API
  7. Secure application based on user roles
  8. Scale SPA for Phone, Tablets, Laptop & Desktop using Bootstrap
  9. Use JS Task runner like Gulp
  10. Publish their App on cloud server

Who can do this course?

All professionals who are keen to develop high performance web applications should go for this course


Anyone who wants to learn React with Redux should have a basic knowledge of programming.

Why is React JS so popular?

Is React JS the future?

Why should you learn React?

What are the prerequisites for React JS Course?

What is the difference between React JS and React Native?

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Course Curriculum


JavaScript and ES6

  1. Understanding JavaScript
  2. Understanding ES6
  3. JavaScript Data Types – Primitive & Non-Primitive
  4. Naming a variable
  5. Number Mathematics

var, let and const

  1. Using var
  2. Using let
  3. Using const

Functions and Arrow Function

  1. Different types of Functions
  2. Named Function
  3. Anonymous Function
  4. Arrow Function
  5. Anonymous Function vs. Arrow Function

Objects and Constructor Function

  1. Creating Object
  2. Literal Object
  3. Primitive types as Objects
  4. Constructor Function

Class and Methods

  1. ES6 Class
  2. Class Members
  3. Templated String

React with Redux

Introduction to React

  1. Introduction to React
  2. Why React?
  3. Advantages of React
  4. React Development Style

Setting Up Environment

  1. Installing Node.js
  2. Installing Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code
  3. Useful VS Extensions for React Development
  4. Useful VS Code Extensions for Angular Development

Get Started with React

  1. Setting up the React App
  2. Running the React App
  3. React Initialization Process
  4. React Virtual DOM
  5. React Ecosystem
  6. React versus other frameworks


  1. Introduction to JSX
  2. JSX for components
  3. Attributes
  4. Expressions
  5. React without JSX

React Components

  1. Render Elements
  2. Understanding Component
  3. Creating a Component
  4. Types of Components
  5. Functional Components
  6. Class Components

Advanced React Components

  1. Component Life-Cycle
  2. Virtual DOM
  3. Composition
  4. Communication between Components
  5. Reusable Components

Data Flow

  1. Introduction to One Way Data Flow in React
  2. Props and State
  3. Passing Data to Child Component
  4. Handling State of Component

Event and Actions

  1. Events in React
  2. Data Binding
  3. Events and Actions
  4. Handling Events
  5. Communication Among Components


  1. Introduction to Redux
  2. Redux vs. Flux
  3. Redux Flow Overview
  4. Redux Setup

Redux Flow

  1. Actions
  2. Reducers and Root Reducers
  3. Store
  4. Dispatch Actions
  5. Action creators

Async Actions and Action Flow

  1. Async Action Creators
  2. Async Flow
  3. Promises

Routing using React Router

  1. Understanding Routing
  2. Introduction to React Router
  3. Defining Routes
  4. Routes Handling
  5. Handling Route Parameters
  6. Nested Routes

React Forms and Controls

  1. Introduction to React Forms
  2. Creating Forms
  3. Forms Validations
  4. Custom Validations

Introduction to Web API

  1. Introduction to Web API
  2. Building a Web Server
  3. HTTP Request Methods, Headers
  4. Response Codes and Headers

    REST API with ASP.NET Core

    1. Introduction to REST
    2. Creating REST API using Express
    3. Introduction to Postman
    4. Testing REST API using Postman REST Client

    REST API and Axios

    1. Introduction to Axios
    2. Using Axios with React
    3. Consuming REST API using Axios in React
    4. Performing CRUD operations

    Unit Testing

    Unit Testing

    1. Introduction to Unit Testing
    2. React Unit Testing setup
    3. React Unit Testing frameworks
    4. Unit Testing with TestUtils

    Testing React Components

    1. Testing Components
    2. Testing DOM Manipulations
    3. Testing Properties and State
    4. Simulating Events


    You will learn how to develop an online bookstore site. The site will show the list of products to User/Customer. A user can search and purchase books. He can see the previous order history. Here, the admin will be responsible for managing books and their categories.

    The application will use React recommended architecture with the extensible approach. We would be using the payment gateway to do online payment and finally publishing it.

    Project Architecture

    The primary goal of this architecture is to share as much code as possible across the web application and further reuse existing code for mobile apps development if necessary.

    This architecture will help you to develop SPA with the recommended design patterns and practices.

    React-redux Project Architecture

    What you will learn through project?

    1. Creating shopping cart using React.
    2. Validating data at client side and server side.
    3. Using Node's Package Manager – NPM.
    4. Scaling web app for Phone, Tablets, and Laptop & Desktop.
    5. Securing you application based on user roles.
    6. Using JS Task runner.
    7. Publishing your app on cloud server.

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    Q1. Who delivers the React Js training course?

    It is best to take up the React Js training course from qualified trainers who are also industry experts. Such trainers hold multiple years of experience while working with front-end development technology in different MNCs. Taking this training course from a reliable company benefits you with an efficient and easy learning process. This is because such companies filter out trainers after screening processes as well as training demos. The trainers are so expert that they train students to become exceptional ReactJS programmers. Therefore, the students who accomplish this training course comes out as a ReactJs professional.

    Q2. How long will it take to learn React?

    Getting proficient with the fundamentals of React will usually take between 1-6 months. However, the precise duration to master React relies on your previous software development experience as well as the time you want to put on for the learning. It all ultimately depends on your speed to grasp the React concepts, the related understanding, and gaining skills to implement those concepts. Certain React online courses last only for 3 weeks. In any of such courses, when you just invest a half-hour each day, you can easily master React JS. Moreover, it helps you to learn the advanced technologies in this field.

    Q3. How do I enroll for this React JS course?

    The effective way to enroll for this React JS course is to first reach the corresponding website. You can then glance at the available courses and look at their modules. Next, you need to register for a particular course, pay the mentioned fee, and begin learning the course modules. After completion of the course, they will provide you a certification badge that demonstrates your React JS skills.

    Q4. Who are your mentors?

    All our mentors are highly qualified and experience professionals. All have at least 8-10 yrs of development experience in various technologies and are trained by Dot Net Tricks to deliver interactive training to the participants.

    Q5. What If I miss my online training class?

    All online training classes are recorded. You will get the recorded sessions so that you can watch the online classes when you want. Also, you can join other class to do your missing classes.

    Q6. Can I share my course with someone else?

    In short, no. Check our licensing that you agree to by using Dot Net Tricks LMS. We track this stuff, any abuse of copyright is taken seriously. Thanks for your understanding on this one.

    Q7. Do you offer certificate of completion?

    Yes, We would be providing you with the certificate of completion of the program, once you have successfully submitted all the assessment and it has been verified by our subject matter experts.

    Q8. Do you provide any course material or live session videos?

    Yes we do. You will get access to the entire content including class videos, mockups, and assignments through LMS.

    Q9. Do you provide training on latest technology version?

    Yes we do. As the technology upgrades we do update our content and provide your training on latest version of that technology.

    Q10. Do you prepare me for the job interview?

    Yes, we do. We will discuss all possible technical interview questions and answers during the training program so that you can prepare yourself for interview.

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