SQL Server Interview Questions & Answers Book

Microsoft SQL Server is an RDBMS developed by Microsoft to store and manage the database. This book is designed specifically to teach you the DBMS and RDBMS concepts along with SQL server features. This book covers database concepts, SQL queries, SQL statements, functions, procedures, cursor, triggers and exception handling.

About the Book

This book is best suited for beginners and professionals. It is intended for anyone who so far has not engaged seriously in SQL and SQL Server and would like to start a career in Database. This book covers the mainly following topics

  1. DBMS and RDBMS Core concepts
  2. Various T-SQL Queries asked in interviews
  3. Database Constraints like Primary key, foreign key, unique key etc.
  4. Various Statements including DDL, DML, TCL etc.
  5. Query multiple tables by using joins, subqueries, table expressions, and set operators
  6. Use transactions in a concurrent environment
  7. Get started with programmable objects—from variables and batches to user-defined functions, stored procedures, cursor, triggers etc.

This book is not only the SQL Server interview book but it is more than that. This book helps you to get the indepth knowledge of SQL Server with a simple and elegant way.

Table of Content

  1. Introducing SQL Server
  2. Database Basics
  3. SQL Queries
  4. SQL Statements
  5. Functions, Procedures and Exceptions
  6. Triggers and Tables
  7. Cursors and Indexes

Release History

  1. Initial Release: 1.0 23rd Nov 2018
  2. Second Release: 1.1 - 21st Dec 2018
  3. Third Release: 1.2 - 4th Jan 2019
  4. Fourth Release: 1.3 - 31st Jan 2019
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