Blazor Interview Questions and Answers Book

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In this book, we will discuss some of the most common interview questions asked in .net blazor interviews. With Microsoft's new .net blazor web assembly platform, we now have a way to write web applications using C# instead of JavaScript. .net blazor server side allows you to create single page applications that are faster and more efficient. With a .net blazor server side app, each browser screen requires its own circuit and components will be rehydrated by the server. The author has included all the necessary concepts and topics that will help you crack any interview on Blazor. The answers will give you the confidence you need to ace your next interview. Go ahead, grab a pdf of this book today!.

About the Book

Blazor is an open-source, cross-platform web framework for building web applications using C# and .NET. This book will teach you Blazor concepts from scratch to advance with the help of Interview Questions & Answers. Here, you will learn about the Blazor component, routing, validation, dependency injection, authentication, authorization and deployment.

This book is for .NET developers who are looking for a change or want to make a bright future in ASP.NET Core Blazor. This book covers the interview questions on the following topics:

Table of Content

  1. ASP.NET Core Blazor Features
  2. Databinding, Event Binding and Layouts
  3. Blazor Routing
  4. Forms and Validations
  5. JavaScript Interop
  6. Exception Handling and errors logging
  7. Dependency Injection
  8. Securing your Blazor app
  9. App Deployment Options

Release History

  1. Initial Release: 1.0 - 27thMar 2020

Important Information

You can download this ebook in PDF format. The book subscription is valid only for 365 days. In this duration any update to the ebook content you will get at free of cost. After expiry date, you need to purchase it again to get updated PDF of the ebook.

Microsoft MVP and Technical Lead
Jignesh Trivedi Angular, .Net Framework, MVC, ASP.NET

Jignesh Trivedi is working as a software developer with a leading organization and having more than 11 years of experience. He is very passionate about Microsoft Technologies. He is author, speaker and MVP.

He has the experience to develop enterprise application using Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET Core, C#, SQL Server, etc. and other technologies such as JavaScript, Angular, Node.js, etc. He loves building great products and POC (proof of concepts) using the best available technologies. He loves to share his knowledge by contributing to the Developer community.

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