Kubernetes Interview Questions and Answers Book

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Kubernetes has become the popular container orchestration platform. If you are looking for a job in this area, or just want to be better prepared for an interview, then you need to know the common Kubernetes interview questions and answers. These are the Kubernetes interview questions and answers for experienced as well as freshers developers. So, whether you're a seasoned pro or relatively new to Kubernetes, this book will help you prepare for your next big step forward.

About the Book

Kubernetes Architecture has worker node and master node with some functionality like master node consist managing API and scheduling the pods and, on the worker, node runs on container runtime such as Docker, rkt along with the node that communicates with the master.

Whether you are a Fresher or Experienced Deployment Engineers, our Comprehensive and essential list of Kubernetes interview questions will make you future ready for the DevOps role. This book covers the interview questions starting with the Kuberenetes introduction and then will take you deep dive into Kubernetes basics and advanced concepts.

Table of Contents

This book covers the interview questions on the following topics:

  1. Container Orchestration
  2. Fundamentals of Kubernetes
  3. Minikube
  4. Kubernetes Architecture
  5. Kubernetes Object and Workload
  6. Kubernetes Master Components
  7. Kubernetes Node Components
  8. Kubernetes Installation
  9. Kubernetes Commands
  10. Kubernetes Service
  11. Kubernetes Pods
  12. Kubernetes Deployments
  13. Kubernetes Networking

Release History

  1. Initial Release: 1.0 3rd Nov 2020

Important Information

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DevOps Engineer and Author
Dharti Sutariya Docker, Kubernetes, DevOps

She achieved great technical knowledge in a short period of time in DevOps Technology, she has vast experience in DevOps area. She graduated from Gujarat Technology University (GTU)- India. She has an ability to set up a fully DevOps oriented process.

She is working as a DevOps Engineer in an MNC with her major interest in technologies and frameworks like Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, Chef and many more using platform Linux and Windows.

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