Develop Native Mobile Apps Using Angular

20 Mar, 2018 at 09:00 PM IST - 10:00 PM IST | Price - Free of Cost


  •   Introduction to Native Mobile Apps
  •   Introduction to NativeScript
  •   NativeScript Core Concepts
  •   Setting Up Environment
  •   Developing Cross-Platform Mobile Apps
  •   Building User Interface
  •   Running Apps on iOS and Android
  •   Q&A


It's an online event. You can join it from your place having a headphone and Internet connection.



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Shiva Prasad (NativeScript Developer Expert)

JavaScript, NativeScript

Shiva Prasad is a Lead Software Developer in MNC. He is a polyglot developer, a blogger, and a software consultant. He has developed several plugins and demos for NativeScript community. He is a Machine Learning enthusiast and an Angular Evangelist. In his free time, he likes to help other developers on NativeScript slack channel and NativeScript discourse forum. He's always up for sharing knowledge and learning from other developers.

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