Building Native Mobile Apps with React Native

9th Sep 2021 at 09:00 PM IST | Price - Free of Cost


React Native is a widely used mobile development platform that launched in 2015. It uses JavaScript and React to build native apps, making it an extremely popular option for organizations hoping to save time and maximize resources.

To get started with React Native development, you will need a modern code editor (like VS Code), NodeJS and NPM installed globally, a mobile device(iOS/Android) to test on and its respective SDK installed. Because React Native is a cross platform mobile development framework you will need to install Xcode for iOS development and Android Studio for Android Development, both will come bundled with the respective platforms SDK. 

Through Node’s package manager (NPM), React Native and all its dependencies can be brought into your workspace. After the dependencies have been installed, you can use React Native's built-in Command Line Interface (CLI) to create your first application. The CLI can be used for many functions like running you application on a simulator or real device and building the app for production.

What you will learn?

  • Introduction to React Native
  • Who using React Native?
  • Getting Started with React Native
  • Building a React Native App
  • Why React Native?
  • Q&A


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Avneesh Kumar (Senior Software Developer)

NodeJS, Microsoft Azure, ASP.NET Core, React, GraphQL

Working as a senior developer with MNC now. Started career in C#/.Net and then learnt & became Azure Cloud developer. Gradually as the tech era was changing during the time, learning enthusiasm took me to learn NodeJS & AngularJS & delivered projects in that technology. Now in the beginning of 2019, He moved to ReactJS and then React Native. He has strong logical, analytical and time management skills which ensure adherence to strict timelines.

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