Building gRpc Services Using ASP.NET Core

26th Dec, 2020 at 05:30 PM IST | Price - Free of Cost


gRPC is a new way to connect services in a cross-platform and cross-language environment. But it can be overwhelming to determine how to use gRPC with ASP.NET Core. In this webinar, you will learn how to build and use gRPC in ASP.NET Core.

  • What is gRPC?
  • The role of gRPC services
  • Creating gRPC service using ASP.NET Core, EF Core
  • Creating gRPC client
  • Working with gRPC
  • Q&A Sessions

Who can join

This webinar is for anyone who either does or wants to learn gRPC technology. The webinar is for all levels of professionals (beginner, intermediate or advanced) who want to use ASP.NET Core for building the cloud based applications.


Speaker image

Viswanatha Swamy (Software Architect)

Microsoft Azure, Web API, ASP.NET Core, C#

He is an aspirant of Software Architect. He is passionate about C#, ASP.Net, Azure, Performance testing/tuning, .Net Core, and Docker. He love to learn new technologies.

Attendees (110)


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