AngularJs Front End Developer

 Exp: 3     Location: New Delhi     Company: 1

We need AngularJs Developer with Excellent experience of More than 3-4 Live projects on AngularJS and Nodejs. In case no Project completed then able to show the capability as a developer.

Below is the key requirements

  1. Must have well aware in SPA
  2. Excellent in AngularJS with Bootstraps Integration
  3. Able to work on JSON Data Integration within project
  4. Hands on Experience in Post method to save Images on sever using Rstfull API
  5. Can able to direct Integrate MS SQL and oracle Database
  6. Excellent in Google Map Integration with Polygon creation and Custom Infowindow
  7. Excellent in Social Media Login and Other Integrations
  8. SEO Structuring and Local data Saving
  9. On the Fly Image Processing like cropping, Resizing, Pading Etc.
  10. Good in Bootrstap Design Integrtion with Angualr so that Botstrap Design can be Used PDF, Print and Custom Reports Generations
  11. Localization and Globalization
  12. URL Routing and maping so that anguarlJS app can be Run multiple Sub Domains as independent applications

Package – 2 lacs to 4.5 lacs as per the overall experience to delivery of projects

Techzone provide excellent opportunity for good quality candidate with long term career goal. from 1st Apri 2017 onwards techzone also starting the ESOAP for employee so that employee get more profit and benefit from its growing business.

Interview process – The Interview will be in multi stage where first round is basic intro and on satisfactory answers from the candidate we will give a full day machine test to them for multiple task . those task are either a direct knowledge exposure and Research based works. the purpose of the test is to identify the candidate quality as an engineer with capability of research and assessment of overall work capability.

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