Programming Challenges: Problem Solving with DSA

27,28 May 2023 ( 3PM IST to 5PM IST)

Who is This Training For?
Freshers/College Students
Software Engineers/Developers
Tech Leads and Managers
Women After a Career Gap
Anyone Looking for a Change

What You'll Learn?

The primary objective of a data structures and algorithm master class is to equip learners with a thorough understanding of data structures and algorithms and how to apply them effectively to solve real-world problems in programming.

The master class typically covers the most essential topics, such as arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, sorting and searching algorithms, in a short amount of time. It includes practical exercises and coding challenges to reinforce the concepts learned.

 Day 1: Agenda

The first day of the master class will provide foundational level knowledge on Data Structures and Algorithms. Further, you will learn about the various types of data structures and algorithms. Here, you will learn:

  • Introduction to Data Structures
  • Need for Data Structures
  • Career Opportunities for DSA
  • Types of Data Structures
  • Big O and Time Complexity

 Hands-on Labs

  • Lab1: Creating a Queue Using Array
  • Lab2: Creating a Stack using Array
  • Lab3: Finding a word availability in an Array
  • Lab4: Remove duplicate from an Array
  • Lab5: Move all Zero to the beginning of an Array.

 Day 2: Agenda

On the second day of the master class, you will discover how to solve problems using various approaches. Here, you will learn:

  • Sorting Techniques
  • Quick Sort
  • Merge Sort
  • Selection Sort
  • Calculating the Time Complexity

 Hands-on Labs

  • Lab1: Sorting a List of elements using Quick Sort
  • Lab2: Sorting a List of elements using Merge Sort
  • Lab3: Finding an Element Existence in An Array
  • Lab4: Queue Operations
  • Lab5: Stack Operations

A comprehensive data structures and algorithm master class should cover these topics in-depth and provide practical exercises and programming assignments to reinforce the concepts learned.


Speaker image

Amit Kumar Ghosh (SDE and Mentor)

C++, Python, Java, Data Structure

A passionate professional with over 6 years of experience in development and training. He is passionate about learning new technologies and sharing his experience with professionals. He is an expert in C/C++, Java, Python and DSA.

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