C#/.NET Development Workshop For Beginners/Freshers

25th-29th Sep 2023 (8:00PM IST to 9:00PM IST)

Who is This Training For?
College Students
C#/.NET Aspirants
Women After a Career Gap
Anyone Looking for a Change

What You'll Learn?

The objective of the ".NET/C# Workshop for Beginners/Freshers" is to provide participants with a solid foundation in .NET/C# using C# programming language. The workshop aims to equip beginners and freshers with the knowledge and skills necessary to create C# based applications.


Day 1: Introduction to C# and .NET

  • Introduction to C#
  • Setting up the development environment
  • Basic C# syntax, variables, data types, and operators.
  • Creating a simple C# console application.
  • Debugging and testing C# code.

Labs: Swap Two Number values Without a Third Variable, Sum All Digits of a Number, and Print a number table

Day 2: Decision Making with C#

  • C# Conditional Statements
  • If Statement
  • If.Else Statement
  • Switch Statement

Labs: Display student grades based upon marks, Check if a char is a vowel or consonant, and Check whether a Year is Leap Year or Not

Day 3: Logic Building with C#

  • C# Loops
  • While Loop
  • For Loop
  • while vs. for loop
  • Jump Statements

Labs: Star Patterns, Number Patterns

#Project 1: Build a calculator to perform arithmetic operations.

Day 4: Object-Oriented Programming with C#

  • OOPS Concepts
  • classes and objects in C#.
  • Constructors, properties, and methods.
  • Inheritance

Labs: Create A Student Class for Listing, Adding and Removing a Student, Create a Factory of Vehicles for Bikes, Scooters, Cars and Sports Cars

#Project 2: Contact Book: Build a contact book using C# classes to manage contacts.

Day 5: Project Showcase and Q&A Session

  • Participants present their projects
  • Feedback is provided on the project
  • Q&A session and resources for further learning

What you will get?

  • Get Started from zero to learn C#/.NET.
  • Build fun mini-apps, and share them with your friends.
  • Submit your apps to qualify for level 1.

By the end of this workshop, you'll be equipped with the tools and techniques needed to confidently work on C# projects. Join us on this exciting journey and unlock the power of C#/.NET.


Speaker image

Shailendra Chauhan (Microsoft MVP, Founder & CEO at Scholarhat by DotNetTricks)

Angular, Microsoft Azure, ASP.NET Core, React, Docker, Microservices Architecture, DevOps

Shailendra Chauhan is the Founder and CEO at ScholarHat by DotNetTricks which is a brand when it comes to e-Learning. He provides training and consultation over an array of technologies like Cloud, .NET, Angular, React, Node, Microservices, Containers and Mobile Apps development. He has been awarded Microsoft MVP 8th time in a row (2016-2023). He has changed many lives with his writings and unique training programs. He has a number of most sought-after books to his name which has helped job aspirants in cracking tough interviews with ease.

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