Frontend Developer Workshop For Beginners/Freshers

16th-20th Oct 2023 (8:00PM IST to 9:00PM IST)

Who is This Training For?
College Students
Frontend Skills Aspirants
Women After a Career Gap
Anyone Looking for a Change

What You'll Learn?

The objective of the "Web Development Fundamentals Workshop for Beginners/Freshers" is to provide participants with a solid foundation in web development using essential technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The workshop aims to equip beginners and freshers with the knowledge and skills necessary to create interactive and visually appealing web applications.


Day 1: Introduction to HTML

  • Introduction to web development and its importance
  • What is HTML and its basic structure
  • HTML tags, elements, and attributes
  • Building a simple HTML page

Labs: Create a personal webpage with text and images

Day 2: Styling with CSS

  • Introduction to CSS and its role in web design
  • CSS selectors and properties
  • Adding styles to HTML elements
  • Creating a basic stylesheet

Labs: Apply styles to the personal webpage created in Day1

Day 3: JavaScript Fundamentals

  • Introduction to JavaScript and its importance in web development
  • Variables, data types, and operators
  • Functions and control structures (if statements, loops)
  • JavaScript Events

Labs: Accessing Form elements and handling events

#Project 1: Build a calculator to perform arithmetic operations.

Day 4: Advanced JavaScript

  • Working with class and objects
  • Working with Functions and scope
  • Local Storage and Session Storage

Labs: Creating reusable objects and working with classes

#Project 2: Build a to-do list application with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Day 5: Project Showcase and Q&A Session

  • Participants present their projects
  • Feedback is provided on the project
  • Q&A session and resources for further learning

What you will get?

  • Get Started from zero to learn HTML/CSS and JavaScript.
  • Build fun mini-apps, and share them with your friends.
  • Submit your apps to qualify for level 1.

By the end of this workshop, you'll be equipped with the tools and techniques needed to confidently work on frontend projects. Join us on this exciting journey and unlock the power of HTML/CSS and JavaScript.


Speaker image

Shailendra Chauhan (Microsoft MVP, Founder & CEO at Scholarhat by DotNetTricks)

Angular, Microsoft Azure, ASP.NET Core, React, Docker, Microservices Architecture, DevOps

Shailendra Chauhan is the Founder and CEO at ScholarHat by DotNetTricks which is a brand when it comes to e-Learning. He provides training and consultation over an array of technologies like Cloud, .NET, Angular, React, Node, Microservices, Containers and Mobile Apps development. He has been awarded Microsoft MVP 8th time in a row (2016-2023). He has changed many lives with his writings and unique training programs. He has a number of most sought-after books to his name which has helped job aspirants in cracking tough interviews with ease.

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