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Microservices Corporate Training

Microservice architecture is a evolution of service-oriented architecture which consists of small, self-contained, autonomous services that encapsulate a single business capability. Microservices are small and independent services that work together. This training focuses on giving a complete hands-on experience developing and deploying microservices.

This training will start from the basics and architecture of microservices and move towards developing and deploying microservices using .NET Core and also look at the best practices and principles followed for creating microservices. The following topics will be covered in detail:.

Evolution of Microservices

  1. Monolithic Architecture
  2. Distributed Architecture
  3. Service-oriented Architecture
  4. Microservices and API Ecosystem
  5. Microservices in nutshell
  6. Point of considerations
  7. SOA vs. Microservices
  8. Microservices & APIs

Microservices Architecture

  1. Introduction to Microservices
  2. Microservices Principles
  3. Monolithic vs SOA vs Microservices
  4. Microservices Architecture
  5. When to use Microservices Architecture
  6. Advantages of Microservices
  7. Challenges of Microservices

Building Microservices using ASP.NET Core

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting Up Dev Environment
  3. Creating Microservices Using ASP.NET Core
  4. Adding Docker support to Microservices
  5. Testing Microservices Using Postman

API Gateway: Ocelot

  1. Introduction to API Gateway
  2. API Gateway Functionalities
  3. Understanding Ocelot API gateway
  4. Create an API Gateway using Ocelot
  5. Configuring Ocelot For Aggregation
  6. Running and testing Microservices
  7. Implementing Security

Patterns For Microservices

  1. Introduction to Patterns for Microservices
  2. Decomposition Patterns
  3. Integration Patterns
  4. Database Patterns
  5. Deployment Patterns
  6. Observability Patterns
  7. Cross-Cutting Concern Patterns

Microservices Deployment

  1. Understanding Microservices various deployment options
  2. Deploying Microservices Using Docker Containers
  3. Deploying Microservices Using VMs

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