How to Create Repository on TFS - Cloud

29 Sep 2013
07 Feb 2020

Like Github and other online repository solution, you can also make your project repository on TFS at Now online TFS allows you to plan your projects, collaborate with your team, and manage your code online from anywhere.

You can check-In your code directly into the cloud using Visual Studio or Eclipse. You can also manage work items and bugs in Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari. Online TFS would store your source code and work items in the cloud.

TFS also allows you to make a repository for different platforms from C# to Python, from Windows to Android; means a variety of lanuages and platforms.

A free plan for up to 5 users is now available. For making repository on TFS follows the steps as shown below-

Step 1 : SignUp for TFS using WIndows Live ID

Step 2 : SignIn for TFS

Step 3 : TFS Dashboard

Step 3 : Create New Team Project

Step 4 : Team Project Created Successfully

Step 5 : Team Project Dashboard

Step 6 : Team Project Repository Code


  1. You can only add code into the TFS cloud using Visual Studio or Eclipse. Without using Visual Studio or Eclipse you cannot add code to your online TFS repository.

  2. Now, You can sign up for the Free Plan of TFS and start using the service for free even with 5 Team Members.

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