How to Upload Code to TFS Cloud Repository by Visual Studio

07 Feb 2020
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You can only check-In or upload your code into the TFS cloud repository using Visual Studio or Eclipse. You can also manage work items and bugs using Visual Studio. Online TFS would store your source code and work items in the cloud.

A free plan for up to 5 users is now available. For uploading code into your repository on TFS follows the steps as shown below-

Step 1 : Open Visual Studio

Step 2 : Select Team Project

Step 3 : Connect to TFS - Using Your TFS Account URL and Credential

Step 4 : Map Your Local Team Project Directory to TFS Directory

Step 5 : Add Items to Local Team Project Directory

Step 6 : Check-In Pending Changes to TFS Repository

Step 7 : Changes Chek-In Successfully

Step 8 : Check Changes in Online TFS Repository

Step 9 : Check Changes in Local Mapped TFS Repository


  1. You can only add code into the TFS cloud using Visual Studio or Eclipse. Without using Visual Studio or Eclipse you cannot add code to your online TFS repository.

  2. Now, You can sign up for the Free Plan of TFS and start using the service for free even with 5 Team Members.

  3. You can only upload code to cloud TFS by using Visual Studio 2013 and 2012.

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